Thursday, 4 June 2009

Create Page – Access denied

If users are getting an access denied page when they go to create a page it is because they do not have Restricted Read rights to the Master Page Gallery.
  • From the root site collection click: Site Actions > Site Settings > Modify All Site Settings
  • Under Galleries select Master pages and page layouts . This takes you to the master page gallery which stores master pages. The master pages in this gallery are available to this site and any sites underneath it.
  • Click in Settings > Document Library Settings
  • Under Permissions and Management select Permissions for this document library
  • You need allow Read access to users and/or groups of users who need to be able to Create Pages.
  • In my situation we added a custom SharePoint Group. However note the screen grab below, it shows the default setup.
  • In may be easy to inherit from the Parent (Actions > Inherit Permissions) and then remove the ones you don’t need.

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