Sunday, 29 March 2009


I'm finally Twittering, tweeting and microblogging more, whatever it is called i am at @RandyPerkins.

Microsoft Commerce Server 2009

I recently twittered (@RandyPerkins) about the release of Microsoft Commerce Server 2009. I can't compare it to any ecommerce packages around at the moment as I haven't used any, however when I last looked at MCS or whatever it was called it compared well. I can only imagine that it now is even more competitive.

Time to build a dev server and test it out.

Friday, 20 March 2009

Office Communication Server 2010

In my previous post I mentioned that the next version of SP will be in 2010. I think we will see a Beta this year still.

As for Office Communication Server I see this being rebranded Office Unified Communciations and being released in 2010 also.

Fact the next version of SharePoint...

will be called SharePoint 2010, well it isn't going to be called SharePoint 2009 as Balmer has said

"From a strategy perspective, the next big innovation milestone is Office 14, our next Office release, which will not be this year, there's a version of Sharepoint, there's a version of Exchange, there's a new version of Office Live,"

Saturday, 7 March 2009

SharePoint Designer vNext

SharePoint Designer was heavily criticised for its WorkFlow limitations. Specifically those around redeployment. The answer was to use Visual Studio 2005/2008 or go for a third party product such as K2 or Skelta.

I predict that the SharePoint Designer vNext will be split into two versions. They are:
  • SharePoint Designer
  • SharePoint Designer for Workflow
SharePoint Designer vNext will be better (I know it's not hard) than the current version and will borrow from the Expression suite.

SharePoint Designer for Workflow will as the name suggests be a dedicated GUI package for creating workflows.

I predict some of the vendors who have made money from "low end" workflow products will exit the market. However the bigger guys will use it as an opportunity to focus on other areas of BPM.