Friday, 17 October 2008

Magic Quadrant for Information Access Technology

Gartner have recently released their Magic Quadrant for Information Access Technology ( They say “This Magic Quadrant assesses vendors with capabilities that go beyond enterprise search to encompass a range of technologies”. So who comes out top? For a clue look at the image below:

As you should be able to see or maybe you guessed, Microsoft came up on to (mostly) apparently Autonomy have a more complete vision. I’m not in the Autonomy world I don’t know there products or services so I can’t say if they are better. However despite Microsoft having only an average marketing depart (so I have learnt) at least they do a good job as to communication what the Microsoft technology stack can give a business.

So what has this to do with SharePoint? Well it does the same thing as Information access technologies. It allows users via these technologies to access applications such as DM, WCM and RDMS. SharePoint is now at that version

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