Monday, 4 August 2008

Help, SharePoint security is unmanageable!

One annoying thing about SharePoint, is security. Now don’t get me wrong there isn’t a problem with how secure SharePoint actually is, but with managing security.

Let’s say you have 10 sites and a user of a company who has been given, over a period of time, access to each site as a Contributor. His hard work at the company pays off and the user is promoted. How do you elevate the user’s Permission Level to Site Owner? That’s easy I hear you say, go to each site and set the permissions. But if you get a lot of these requests and you have a large number of users in a large number of sites it is going to become a big overhead.

Like with other parts of SharePoint there are tools and add-ons that can help.

One tool I have used is called Universal SharePoint Manager 2007 by iDevFactory ( Its current feature list includes:

  • Environment (Farm) Reporting
  • User Site Security Analyzer
  • User List/Item Security Analyzer
  • Permission Level Site Access
  • Add User Site Security
  • Remove User Site Security
  • Clone User Site Security
  • Account Property Synchronizer
  • Dead Account Cleaner
  • Site Level Reporting
  • Sites Manager
  • Site Security Auditor
  • Site Collection Administrators
  • Site Security Reset
  • Site Permission Replicator
  • List and Item Security Auditor
  • List Security Reset
  • List Permission Replicator
  • Item Security Reset
  • Item Permission Replicator

And the list grows. The tool is primarily a security tool but it’s features are growing fast. Well worth a look I say.

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